Votive Candles

These candles are made with 100% pure natural waxes. They burn cleaner than paraffin, contain no petroleum products, and have top-grade cotton wicks.

Votives are scented with a combination of pure essential oils and other fine fragrances.

Sold in sets of 12
Burn time: 16 hours each

Palm Oil

Stock # A2191
Nag Champa
Stock # 001150
Night Sky
Stock # A2192
Ocean Mist
Stock # A2195
Plumera, Ylang Ylang & Cinnamon Musk, Patchouli & Bergamot Amber, Sage & Lime Gardenia, Frangipani & Orange Blossom
Stock # A2189
Stock # A2193
Spiced Pear
Stock # A2626
Tahitian Vanilla
Stock # A2196
Lavender, Chamomile & Geranium Bergamot, Lemon & Musk Barlett Pear & Cinnamon Vanilla & Orange

Coconut Oil

Stock # 021520
Holiday Spice
Stock # 021512
White Pine, Fir, Cedar & Rosemary Cassia, Balsam Fir, Nutmeg, Clove & Orange